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Arlo and the Orca

A collaborative poem written by all of Room 8. This poem expresses our feelings about anger, looking through the eyes of Arlo from ‘Arlo and the Orca’ by Monique Walker.



Anger feels like letting your rage out.

A clenched fist.

Blood, salty sweat.

Growling and yelling.

Rough and hot.

Like a red face.

Anger smells like danger.

Like air.

Shouting and screaming.

Painful and hurtful.

Madness and crazy actions of destruction.

Like smoke.

Burning coal.

A fire raging and growing limitlessly

Anger is the emotion you want to show or not.

It starts when we get upset about something.


This week Monique and Stacey came to class and presented Monique’s book. We learnt that it’s ok to cry and that life can be moody and stormy with waves of emotion BUT to remember the sun will always come back and shine.



Room 8 thanks Monique and Stacey for sharing their wonderful book and sharing their fun activities with us. We would also like to thank Jessie and Catherine for sharing their beautiful dance with us! We would love to do this again!




Today we researched about groups that work for peace and Justice. My group researched Caritas.

Diary Entry

We finally arrived to our destination, we slowly go down because it’s dark. I see a long small wooden boat. I can hear people arguing because the boat is small, other people are saying “I am not getting on that”. My mom doesn’t want to get on the boat either, because it’s dangerous. We thought another boat would come, but there’s no other boat came, so we had no choice but to board it. I climbed up to the long ladder, and started my way on the boat. Inside the Tampa I see old items which is a clock, spoon, and keys. You can smell food that has already been wasted, I feel like I was gonna vomit.

Diary Entry

I felt scared and shocked when mom woke me up with a shaking voice telling me to grab my things as quickly as possible. With trembling hands I pack up my belongings into my backpack. We could hear screaming voices all around us as we were going to the bus stop. I looked around to see what was going on. Everyone seemed to be panicking, crying, and nervously waiting in line to board the bus. I feel terribly confused. I have no idea what’s happening. We hurriedly got on the bus which was packed with so many people.

A History of Regional and Long-Distance Buses in New Zealand - Greater Auckland

Coat of Arms

In room 8 we decided to create a coat of arms. The colors and symbolism of the Philippine flag inspires me to use it as my coat of arms.

Cross as a symbol of Christianity . The yellow stars represent the three main islands of the Philippines – Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Color blue for peace, red for war and white for purity. The Philippine Eagle symbolizes the Filipino’s bravery and strength.